Welcome to Michael P. Burwen's Website

This website is about Michael P. Burwen's professional objectives and career.  For more than 30 years , I worked for technoeconomic research firms conducting both custom and syndicated market intelligence studies in the fields of computing, telecommuncations and semiconductors.  The last 20 of these years I was President of the Palo Alto Management Group, Inc.  My clients were leading companies like IBM, AT&T, NEC, etc. and government agencies such as the NSA, DARPA, and JEIDA.


Although Palo Alto Management Group's primary business was to conduct confidential client-driven studies, the Company ran two successful syndicated information services, "The Superperformance Computing Service" and "Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing."


My strength's lie in my ability to design studies, analyze and interpret their results and clearly communicate those results to clients in written reports and verbal presentations.  My many accomplishments include helping IBM to develop its strategy for becoming a dominant player in the computer services sector worldwide, creating a field service strategy for CDC throughout Europe, creating a strategy for Toshiba to achieve dominance in the LED market and assisting IBM develop the parallel processing technology that ultimately led to "Deep Blue" and "Watson."


I am an expert in developing long-range market forecasts of complex markets using the Input-Output econometric modeling system developed by Nobelist Wassily Leontiev.


Today, I am seeking to manage or participate in challenging research and consulting and writing/editing assignments that can take advantage of my unique skills and experience. 


In my spare time, I've written and published a cookbook entitled "Easy Gourmet Recipes for the Frugal Cook:  Mikey Likes It!", which is available as a Kindle eBook. Click Here to see my book.